Cosmic Gateway

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We offer a wide ranges of service to help inspire, empower and support people in all stages of their journey of awakening and path to self mastery. Ranging from Intuitive readings, energy healing & activation session to sessions specifically catered for Divine Partnership and Relationship self mastery.
We also off a 6 week program which is tailored for the individual. Want to learn more if this something for you? Contact us for a free 30 min consultation. 


Eco-Friendly Espadrilles which are made substantially unique from recycled materials - the soles are made from recycled rubber and canvas uppers made from a combination of cotton and recycled materials.  Super comfortable and made suitable for every and all occasions. They are designed to mold to your feet and the way you walk so they become the uniquely your own shoe just like your own footprint.



We offer a wide range of handmade Jewellery which has been sourced from all around the world from different areas of sacred places ranging from Nepal, Peru, Egypt, Brazil and various other locations. Each piece has been selected for it unique qualities for it energetic purpose from the crystal or the symbology of what each piece represents. Each piece has it's own unique signature which when worn it can align and enhance your own energy in alignment with the aspect of the item.