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Alisha Braché

Intuitive Empath, Energy Healer, Ascension Coach & Divine Partnership Guide, Holistic Counsellor, Intuitive Soul Reader, Past Life Regressionist, Teacher & Writer

let me introduce myself and tell you a little of my journey ... From a very young age I was in tune with my healing and psychic abilities. Over 15 years ago started formal studies to develop my intuitive and healing gifts. I trained in all forms of esoteric and energy techniques (Psychic Mediumship, Trance/Channelling, Energy Healing, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Quantum Healing & many more.)

From there my studies tuned into more Holistic Healing approach as I continued my studies as Holistic Living Counsellor. Since graduating I set up my own practice and have assisted hundreds of clients towards their path of self-mastery. I have also travelled extensively to many spiritual and holy places around the world to learn more about ancient cultures, energy and sacred sites.

Over the years of travels, studies and working one-on-one with her clients, I have formulated my own Energy Alignment techniques which assist with the relief of things like anxiety, depression, fears & phobias, trauma, past life blockages, direction & purpose, physical ailments and much more.

I now specialise in Energy work to assist people on their own Spiritual Awakening process and Divine Partnership journey. As the years of personal experience I have the capacity to support those going through the various stages of awakening to help empower their own individual journeys.

My work is what I would call Highly Galactic as High Frequency through the many years of being in between the veil and having contact with all different realms of Spirit, Elemental, Angelic & Galactic.

I am very passionate about supporting people to their own Personal Mastery and becoming more in alignment with their soul’s purpose which assist transitioning humanity towards a better future.

In particular ~ part of my work is specialised to Twin Soul connections and the children which can come through this Union - Divine Birth as known through out history, what I call the ‘ancient way’ returning in various different ways. I love to focus on each person’s Life Purpose, Soul Mission and how each co-contribute towards Planetary Ascension!

If you resonate with my journey and thing I can somehow enhance and contribute your journey in someway... Lets connect. I'd love to hear from you

Sending heaps of Love & Light Alisha xx