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The types of 'Plot Twists' you can experience on you 'Twin Flame' Journey

Divine PartnershipAlisha Brache

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So you have spent most of your life searching for your Twin Flame consciously or unconsciously, as it was for me, it was on massive part of the my life path which I instinctively had a deeper knowing from within that there was ‘someone’ who would share a special part of my life, but more importantly that ‘we had important work to be done together.’

There were a few key things which I knew, as it seems that my soul kept in my awareness not all the memories were completely wiped, they were bread crumbs a trail of little signposts so that I could follow them, and just like any great adventure as you follow more clues, signs and revealings come along the way.

Knowing what I do now, I had no idea what the hell was in store, what mountains would have to be climbed over, moved and completely excavated. I think I would have aborted the mission a long time ago. I say that with all sincerity yet from a place of not knowing my own personal strength and power which would come from going through the ‘hero’s journey’ again and again.

I think this is a case of naivete or ignorance is bliss, but really it comes down to the 3D conditioning that we have in what 3D Relationships and Romance looks like. We couldn’t possibly perceive what it like to have all fears exposed, wounds reinfected and the shirt ripped off our back in the process of ‘letting go’ over and over again.

Sounds dramatic right? Well it is while you are going through it, it can feel like you are dying, but that’s just the old parts of yourself which are dying off. From the human perspective it’s down right insane and especially to onlookers. But the Soul - ohhhh the Soul is screaming with joy and relishing in the transformation, and the becoming of the person who you really are in the process. This is certainly not possible without the “Plot Twists!”

So what are the Plot Twists? Specifically when it comes to the Twin Journey? It can be…

  • Discovering who you thought was your twin isn’t actually your twin

    • Ouch! Yes this can be a hard low blow, when you feel as though you invested everything thing into this one person, you can feel tricked, fooled and like there is some massive cosmic joke being played out and your the only person not ‘in the know’ it can bring about some very serious questions like why were there so many signs? How could I have been so wrong?
      Well the simple answer is you weren't, you were guided to have an experience which was necessary along your journey with someone who yes no doubt there was a strong connection with, yet once the lesson or contract was completed the ‘truth’ comes to light. Let’s face it if you really knew that he wasn’t who you thought you wouldn’t have do everything that you needed to and simply would have bypassed the lessen needed, so the encouragement from the universe was really pointing you in the direction…. As you lead into the Plot Twist.

  • Your Twin gets married or get into another relationship which completely catches you off guard!

    • Crushing! Slap in the face! WTF! Seeing the person that you love so much move out of your life into the arms of another is very hard place to be in, and certainly provided one massive plot twist, especially if it comes out of nowhere and you know deep down it’s not for love, pure intentions or just doesn't feel right.

Well this too can have so many reasons, yet I do seem to think that we have similar frequency matches which can feel very ‘twin like’ (which I will address in another article because that is a whole topic on it’s own.)

Also we do have to bring ‘karma’ for lack of a better word to completion with previous relationships in this lifetime and others as we move along the twin path, things need to come into balance. And sometimes this is the most efficient way of doing things. We simply cannot learn every lesson we need from one person even if they are our mirror!

  • Your Twin or their partner get pregnant!

    • Just when you are getting over the whole marriage with another person thing and you finally make peace with that! Then you find out that they are having a baby! What should be the most joyful occasion for everyone! This is a hard pill to swallow - because a baby is purely innocent and so divine so you can’t be mad, yet it’s hard to digest because you always thought that was going to be the two of you. And now where do you stand? Well similar to the above scenario in a way, children choose their parents before birth, they chose the genetics and the soul for what they need. I do believe we are moving forward into a world where we are having the old principles of “it takes a village to raise a child” therefore these children may require more ‘parents’ than just the two biological parents. Only time will show how that can evolve the dynamics of family structures. Also they may also need to have the parenting experience with someone else if it is their first child, the other twin may already have children, there are just so many variables.

    • Unexpected - Miraculous - 5D Pregnancy! Which was my experience… I had a whole journey to undertake to experience and understand. It was hard enough for me, let alone the the twin trying to make sense of what is happening, and their involvement - Enough said for now, but as many more women start this journey it's starting to become the new possibilities for what is possible through Divine Partnership and you can read more about this here:

  • The universe pulls you out of each others lives abruptly

    • This can be so many things, moving interstate, moving overseas, deciding to return back to their old partner or spouse. Incarcerated, not ready for a relationship, friendzoning (very common one) Really the list can go on and on.

    • Intimacy issues see:

    • So in these times it’s time for a massive overhaul inside and out, this also is necessary to made the time to be the best version of yourself and also same for your counterpart. It’s not that the universe is working against you and punishing you in anyway. It is in face always working for everyone best interest, even though it many not feel like it at the time, and can leave both parties scratching their head thinking what the F… is going on!

Plot Twists generally happen when it ‘seems’ as though things are coming together nicely, things are finally falling into place, you feel as though “you know everything & done everything to get things in order.”  That’s when you know on one level you have actually got there, yet it’s just the next step like graduating from high school, and then you move into the higher education. You are then well and truly on your Ascension path, and this is the true purpose of the Twin connection is to work as a team to go through this process and work with each other to assist this refinement of self and higher self embodiment.

One way to look at the Ascension process from a simplistic way or perhaps as very physical way is that it will unearth all of your deepest fears, possibly ones that you didn’t even know about. The most efficient way to move beyond your fears is to live through them come out the other side and see that it wasn’t as bad as you thought! To read more about this process of Ascension through the Twin dynamic see this artcle:

Over the course of a decade or more I haven’t experience every type of Plot Twist possible, however through my own Twin dynamic most of them have been checked off the list. Combined with all the clients I have works with over the years, I have see many people go through and really come out the other side of these and become the most empowered and amazing version of themselves. And I have been witness to Miracles which really do occur and that’s part of the beauty of this Cosmic Dance, It’s designed to keep you on your toes, keep you evolving and most importantly stay in a place of strength and deep trust and knowing that things always have a way of coming together when the time is right. And for many people that time is still waiting in the wings because it’s part of a much bigger picture - see to find out more.

Have you thought about what the journey is like through the eyes of the Divine Masculine? Because I can assure you it’s very different! Different process; the feminine and the masculine pathway towards Ascension is different although both pathways lead to the same place.

The feminine ‘typically’ is very externally validated by the progress and seeks the outside validation - this is where the issue can occur because the chase - you demand, you need to know and that puts huge focus and sometimes pressure on the other for commitment or reassurance.
The Masculine can ‘typically’ be very opposite to this, hence the ‘runner - chaser dynamic’
Yet keeping in mind we both hold masculine & feminine energy so this is process which helps us both balance those aspect.

Have you thought about booking a double session? This includes a session with myself and one with the DM (Divine Masculine) which can be incredibly refreshing to have two vantage points, to get a better grasp on the bigger picture of your own situation and things you can do to embrace your journey of self mastery: you can see the different options here:

As always it’s important to honour where you're at in your current process, and find some comfort in knowing that if or when the Plot Twist strikes it’s not the end of the world, it’s certainly not the end of your journey and in most cases it really just the beginning.

Sending you all so much love

Alisha Braché

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