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Elevation Training - Part 3


Elevation Training - Part 3 This program is designed to support individuals looking to Restore their full consciousness within the physical to enhance their lives and work towards a Soul Aligned lifestyle. The inspiration for this Program is the Return of Secret Space Program (SSP) Soldiers and individuals involved with various on-Earth programs. An all-inclusive program designed to support anyone to work with healing Childhood traumas, Mental Health conditions to work with the Energy, Emotional, Mental and Physical aspects of their Healing & Integration. Recalibration of Full Consciousness: Module 1: Energy Alignment Module 2: Emotions Balancing Module 3: Mind (Mental Restoration) Module 4: Physical Health & Integration Additional aspects of this program, teach theory-based learning and practical guided techniques to enhance your daily life. This covers, how to work with the creational and manifestation of your soul path and destiny, how you can heal your physical body from illness and injury and work with accessing your Soul Skills and Abilities.



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