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Elevate 2 Training


Divine Soul Connection – Energy Awareness Training Elevate 2 Training is designed to support your personal Divine Soul Connection. This training aims to help you understand the importance of different soul connections and how each one supports your soul’s evolution. It is intended to assist you in navigating the potential confusion surrounding labels like “Twin Flame,” “Twin Soul,” and “Divine Counterpart,” so that you can gain clarity on your unique Soul Connection Pathway. The training involves an exploration of the origins and purpose of soul connections, as well as guidance on how to understand and manage your own energy awareness within your soul connection dynamic. It is focused on supporting self-mastery and personal empowerment, which will help you achieve a better understanding of how to balance energies and navigate through any confusion you may encounter. Additionally, this training aims to help you open up to accessing your original energy codes and ultimately bring more harmony and balance into your Divine Soul Relationship(s). Exchange: $555.00 AUD (This price includes – Elevation Training & Elevate 2 Training) Prerequisite: You must have commenced Elevation Training to participate in this program. Elevation Training provides the fundamental foundation of individual energy awareness, energy clearing, soul blueprint/template & soul destiny timeline. Module Topics: Module 1: Introduction to Archetypes of Divine Soul Connections Module 2: Energy Awareness – Individually & each other energy presence Module 3: Understanding Soul Origins – Soul Journey – Understanding Traumas & Abilities Module 4: Understanding the soul purpose in this lifetime – individual-based or shared mission Module 5: Accessing and activating the Sacred Union Template Materials Provided: Video Recordings of each Module. Audio recordings of the Processes and Techniques. A Workbook to support learning.



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