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Elevation Training Collection


Elevation Training Collective This is the inclusive package of all three of the Elevation Training at your own paced training programs. Elevation Training: Elevation Training is a course designed to support your own self-mastery & energy awareness, as this positively impacts various aspects of your life, supporting your personal growth & evolution. The program comprises five modules, each delving into specific facets of energy work. Topics covered include energy awareness, clearing, addressing personal traumas and energy imprints, handling interference, and accessing your soul’s blueprint and destiny timeline. Elevate 2 Training: Elevate 2 Training is designed to enhance your personal Divine Soul Connection. It helps you understand various soul connections and their role in your soul’s growth. This training explores the origins and purpose of soul connections and offers guidance on managing energy awareness within your soul connection dynamic. It empowers you with self-mastery, and tools to balance energies and reduce confusion. The ultimate goal is to access your original energy codes to create harmony and balance in your Divine Soul Relationship(s). Elevation Training - Part 3: This program is designed to support individuals looking to Restore their full consciousness within the physical to enhance their lives and work towards a Soul Aligned lifestyle. The inspiration for this Program is the Return of Secret Space Program (SSP) Soldiers and individuals involved with various on-Earth programs. An all-inclusive program designed to support anyone to work with healing Childhood traumas, Mental Health conditions to work with the Energy, Emotional, Mental and Physical aspects. Exchange: $888.00 AUD (This price includes – Elevation Training, Elevate 2 Training & Elevation Training Part 3) Materials Provided: Video Recordings of each Module. Audio recordings of the Processes and Techniques. A Workbook to support learning.




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