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Elevation Training


Elevation Training Elevation training is a program designed to help individuals improve their self-awareness, energetic boundaries, and overall well-being by understanding and managing their energy. Here are the key details about this training: Program Overview: Purpose: The primary goal of elevation training is to help individuals master their energy, enhance their energy awareness, establish strong energetic boundaries, and maintain good energy hygiene. This, in turn, has a positive impact on various aspects of life supporting your personal elevation. Energy Field: The program emphasizes the importance of understanding and working with your energy field, considering it as an extension of your experiences in reality. By gaining a better sense of your energy, you can become aware of how it is affected by external energies. Content: The program consists of five modules of training, with each module focusing on specific aspects of energy work. The topics covered include energy awareness, energy clearing, addressing personal traumas and energy imprints, handling interference, and accessing your soul’s blueprint and destiny timeline. Module Topics: Module 1: Energy Awareness – Getting acquainted with your energy field. Module 2: Energy Clearing – Part 1 – Addressing distortions, blockages, traumas, and energy imprints. Module 3: Energy Clearing – Part 2 – Dealing with interference, energy disturbances, entities, and attachments. Module 4: Accessing your personal soul blueprint – Understanding soul energy, soul purpose, and original soul essence energy. Module 5: Accessing your soul’s Destiny timeline – Realizing your highest potential, actualization, grounding, and solidifying. Training Format: Covering the theory of each module’s topic, guided processes and techniques related to each topic. Concluded with a Q & A where Materials Provided: Replay Video recordings of each Module. Audio recordings of the processes and techniques. A workbook to support learning.


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