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Divine Partnership Soul Session - 3hrs

Divine Partnership - Soul Reading, Energy Alignment, Relationship Intuitive Guidance & Counselling.

Service Description

The Divine Partnership Soul Sessions cover a broad range of topics, including soul reading and intuitive guidance for relationship support, energy alignment for partnership, and discussions on 5D pregnancy. What can be facilitated in a session varies from soul retrieval and healing traumas impacting Divine Partnership connections, clearing dense energy, and facilitating soul integration. Session themes encompass life purpose, awakening, overcoming fears, and navigating Divine Partnership dynamics. The session provides guidance and healing to support your relationship dynamics and Divine Partnership journey in the various dimensions of your life. Session Format: The session is conducted via video conference using Zoom. It begins with a consultation or conversation to discuss your intentions and any specific questions. Content Covered: The session covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: Soul Reading and intuitive guidance. Energy alignment, which involves clearing and realigning your energy field. Intuitive mentoring related to soul purpose and spiritual-based businesses. Topics related to 5D pregnancy, spirit children, and light conception. Soul retrieval and healing past traumas from this lifetime, other lifetimes/realities, and ancestral clearing. Clearing heavy, dense energy and entities from your personal energy field or property. Soul Integration – helping facilitate your higher consciousness in your physical body to support accessing your highest expression/timeline Energy Adjustment: The session involves connecting with your current energy to read your energy field and access guidance and information from your higher consciousness or higher self. Alisha facilitates energy adjustments to remove blocks, entities, or energy attachments and provides information for you to support yourself moving forward after the session. Session Themes: The session can address a variety of themes, including but not limited to life purpose, awakening and ascension, overcoming fears, connecting with galactic beings, and navigating rapid spiritual awakening. Preparation: It is recommended to be in a quiet, uninterrupted space for the session, especially during the Energy Adjustment. It’s recommended that you have a meditative space, either lying down or sitting quietly, whichever is most comfortable for you. Payment for the session here via the website or alternatively through the PayPal link:

Contact Details

  • Melbourne VIC, Australia

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