Cosmic Gateway

“Alisha Braché is the most intuitive, loving, light and generous healing fairy queen I have ever met. She will reflect to you what is needed and invite you into a beautiful energy of trust and love. She gave me insights so true, and foreseeing with always positive and trusting confidence even in times of challenge and transformation. I highly recommand !!!!”
Katharina Oberlik - Germany
Lightworkers Call to Duty - Program

“I had an instant connection with Alisha's Energy. There is such a warmth about her. Her support and healing abilities fill you with so much light. Her generosity and guidance have been an integral part of my growth. I highly recommend that you connect with her and the beautiful sunshine she brings to the world. So grateful 🙏❤

“I had my first session.with Alisha, when I was on a point of not knowing, how to go on an being desperate. Her loving presence, her wisdom and her deep connection where helping me instantly and she could clear up blocks with her amazing energy work
After our first.meeting we stayed in contact and Alisha invited me to be part of her first 'Lightworkers Call to Duty' program.”
Antoinette Thompson - Sydney, Australia
Lightworkers Call to Duty - Program

I felt to be on a point of not longer having the possibility to hide. And having the information that it's time to go out and share to help and assist others.

I'm now in the 'Lightworkers Call for Duty' program who is made for us, who start to go out in the world. And it is the most beautiful and powerful group I've ever been in.
Alisha is a very loving and beautiful being with so much wisdom and love for every being and the earth herself.

She is here to help and assist everybody who is called to work together for helping and assisting the world to re-become what she is meant to be.

I can highly recommend this beautiful space of having exchanges with others, who are called to spread their wisdom, gifts, challenges and love. And to get a powerful and sooo helpful and loving support by Alisha and her wonderful team.

This group is the most powerful and beautiful gift I've ever had in my life. It helps me to heal by going out, share and finally becoming, what I meant to be and to do here.

There are no words to describe, what this is doing on my soul and heart and my human being, to be seen and supported on so many levels.

It feels like finally coming home.

Thank you from all of my being and my big heart, Alisha ❤🙏❤”
Kaija Helweg - France
Lightworkers Call to Duty - Program

“Connecting with Alisha was like meeting an old friend. She is such a beautiful Soul: Caring, giving and humble. Her energy is so peaceful, grounded and calming.
She unlocked and told me information I needed at the perfect moment to give me clarity about my path and mission. Working with Alisha started a huge process.
Thank you!”
Nadia Schmitt - Germany
Soul Purpose - DNA Lightbody Activation Session

“I highly recommend working with Alisha with regard to life purpose work.  I was in a place of total confusion and her razor sharp spiritual gifts and clear channeling really helped me to move to the next level and understand my role.  I left the session with the ability to move forward which was amazing.In addition as a wonderful aside, she was able to help me understand a very key past life relationship.  As a result of her insight I was able to piece together complex fragments that allowed me to clear a core block.  Her information was critical and it wasn’t even why I scheduled the session!

Incredible.  Certainly worth  every penny.”

Ann - USA
Soul Purpose - DNA Lightbody Activation Session

“As soon as I heard Alisha's voice, I knew I wanted to work with her. In addition to being a talented energy worker, Alisha is extraordinarily kind, empathetic, and a very good listener. Working with her is like catching up with an old friend, plus receiving the benefits of full chakra cleansing~ She helped me develop a better relationship with myself and gave me the tools and support to maintain equanimity during some extremely difficult experiences. Her faith and trust in Spirit helped me to feel safe and grounded. Some of the most significant shifts in my life happened during our time together, and I'm very grateful to have met her!”

Mary Goto - Oregon, USA
Self Mastery - Personal Ascension (8 session program)

“I have recently worked with Alisha and found the energy transformation session to be a gift for the divine. I have been on my twin flame journey for 30 years now. The transformative shift I experienced would not have been possible without Alisha. I would highly recommend the Twin Soul - Divine Partnership session for anyone on the Twin Flame Journey. Thank you Alisha for guiding me and assisting the healing process.”

Nicole Sheils - Sydney, Australia
Twin Soul - Divine Partnership - Full Package Double Session

“OMG AWESOME. I loved every second of my divine soul energy balance it was life changing. Alisha is a wonderful vessel of laughs and divine energy. She just KNOWS things.”

Kate Rose - Sydney, Australia
Energy Alignment Session

“When I first found Alisha’s Twin Soul energy sessions I realized this was the type of work and guidance I had been looking for for so long on my Twin Flame journey. I connected with Alisha instantly and I feel so tremendously grateful for having found her. She is and has been one of my most important and dear companions and guides on my Twin Flame journey. She is such a warm and loving presence and an absolute joy to talk to.

One of the most important things that the sessions with Alisha have done for me is to give me such precious guidance and confirmation on my Twin Flame dynamic with my counterpart (especially as things are more than often not what they seem on this journey and it can get really painful and confusing on many occasions). I cannot stress enough how important it is on this journey to be guided by someone who is a clear and authentic channel for divine information and who also understands what these connections are and how they work. I also cannot forget to mention the powerful energy work Alisha does, which helped both me and my Twin clear so much stuff and make tangible, precious progress on our journey.  

We still live in a material, 3D world in the meantime, and this is where the discussion with Gui comes in. Gui is also a wonderful person to talk to and has a very tonic, solar and grounded energy (which I think are some key attributes of a balanced masculine energy). In my personal case his energy and his advice infused me with the courage to take my life and happiness in my own hands and really start focusing on myself regardless what my twin does or doesn’t at the moment – this journey is not one of codependency, but one of inner completeness.

Secondly, it was very relevant for me to hear a Masculine Twin Flame’s perspective in the sense that it helped me better understand how the male views this connection. Having more profound understanding about the way the other one views the connection helped me become a bit more compassionate in regards to my Twin’s behaviour, which I think is really important.

I also wanted to mention that it was also very easy to go through the talk with Gui because he guided me through it through his questions about my situation and it all worked very smoothly.

I recommend the Divine Partnership Package to any Twin Flame without hesitation, it is truly one of the best gifts you can offer to yourself and to your Twin Flame connection.”

AT - Romania
Twin Soul - Divine Partnership - Full Package Double Session

“Thank you so much Alisha for such a beautiful & inspiring healing session! A lot of information of my current & past life came to light and I am so thankful to have a deeper
understanding of my role in this lifetime! I feel grateful and blessed to have had this experience.”
Alexandra - New York, USA
Energy Alignment Session

“Alisha from Cosmic Gateway is absolutely amazing. I have had many appointments with her and every single time I have felt so comfortable in her presence. She is one of the best, and such a beautiful person. I can't rave about her enough and would recommend 100% .”
Alison Leske - Victoria, Australia
Self Mastery ~ Personal Ascension (8 session program)

"Alisha channels such pure high frequency energies. Her Chakra clearing through the Self Mastery, Personal Ascension is powerful and helped me make new connections with my past self and healing abilities. The healings and meditations gave me extra clarity on my past lives and brought about some amazing shifts in my current reality. 
Alisha creates a sacred space for connecting to higher realms of light beings in a safe and comfortable environment. Her work is of the highest integrity and she brings her whole heart and soul to all she does."
Ellen - Melbourne, Australia
Self Mastery ~ Personal Ascension (8 session program)


"I recently had an amazing energetic healing with Alisha. I felt the healing targeting particular areas of my body the I knew were physically not 100%. I also felt a lot of healing in the Heart Chakra area and in the weeks afterwards I noticed amazing improvements in my love life. I was not short of suitors! I look forward to doing her Divine Partnership Alignment program to attract the Divine Love into my life xx."
Steve - Melbourne, Australia
Energy Alignment Session

"Alisha's Energy Healing is unique and uplifting. She is an attentive listener. I feel energised and bathed in light during and after consultations. She offers practical advice for living now and has many insights into what's going on cosmically. Her understanding of other worlds/dimensions is extraordinary."
Penelope Arvanitakis - Melbourne, Australia
Self Mastery ~ Personal Ascension (8 session program)

"Over the past couple of months I've been doing the most amazing course. I have absolutely come leaps and bounds within my self. This course has enabled me to know myself so much better and to understand what is happening within me and outside of me on a level which before this venture I could not imagine. 
I know that I came to this planet at this time to go through the process of self mastery & personal ascension and this course has made that process easier, aiding me in taking the next step forward, with the help and guidance of Alisha at Cosmic Gateway. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity"
Katie - Melbourne, Australia
Self Mastery ~ Personal Ascension (8 session program)

"I've just had the most profound TF alignment activation experience, as I write I am still in awe and processing the magnitude of the space held by Alisha, she created a space filled with love, helping me recall what needed to be.

The TF alignment session allowed me to pinpoint the timeline in which my twin and I had sealed the deal to seperate, feeling the loss and recalling where we decided to re-connect in the 3D, beginning our journey home back to each other and our divine love.

Thank you Alisha for what words can not describe what had taken place. Tears of inner truth flowed, what an amazing activation, filled with much inner, self confirmation....I know see a cleared path filled with divine love, compassion, truth, forgiveness and all else in between...such an intense yet subtle session...

Thank you from the depths of my cosmic heart..."
Anita, Croatia 💗💗💗
Twin Soul - Divine Partnership Energy Alignment Session

"A really lovely healing experience. Some good laughs, a-ha moments and feeling relaxed. Thank you"
Melbourne, Australia
Energy Healing Session

 Such beautiful products and wonderful service. The mail was fast and my items were wrapped beautifully. Many thanks!
Mel - Western Australia