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Twin Souls ~ Evolution 3D to 5D Earth ~ New Civilization of Human Relationships

Over recent years the term Twin Flame or Twin Soul has become more commonly known as more people are going through their own personal awakening/Ascension journey which has been activated by another person with whom they share a very deep soul connection.

This point sends them on a quest to find out what this is. And why it feels so different to anything else they have ever experienced before so they start to look online and find the information about Twin Flames and there is a sense of relief, context for what they are experiencing and that they aren’t completely insane.

There are others out there going through similar experiences, this is great because it sets a sense of ‘normalizing’ what to most people who don’t understand this type of connection and think they have just ‘lost their mind’ and living in a ‘fantasy world’… Well, that fantasy world is the 5D connection or Higher Self-connection that you hold with that other person.

This is where it can become challenging and confusing because there is so much information out there that people share based on their own experience and perception and that sense of ‘normalising’ then becomes distorted as human beings we are very conditioned to put things into boxes and say “well it fits into this so it must be this way.”

I too have been guilty of this from time to time on my own path. It’s really a process of going through and using pieces of information that help so that we can adjust to our own sense of knowing and trusting our own journey. The most beautiful part is connecting with others (Soul Family) walking this journey and sharing experiences to help us understand our own journey better because we all hold pieces of this massive puzzle.

What I have learned through my own journey and through working with clients walking this path, is that it’s certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ type of journey and you certainly can’t place it into boxes. The further along your journey and look back you start to see with more and more clarity looking back connecting the dots from your own life path and also the further your consciousness expands you see it from the bigger perspective too.

I am the type of person who likes to see and get a sense of the bigger picture how it all interlinks, and how that information can benefit everyone; so the purpose of writing this article is to try to describe how I view the bigger perspective of the twin journey through my own experience and what I have learnt through openly viewing the many clients I have worked with to get the bird’s eye view.

I am incredibly grateful that I wasn’t sharing information prior to this point because if I had; I realize how outdated and distorted my own information would have been, while I was going through various stages of my own awakening. And with saying that, know that this is the ‘tip of the iceberg’ to how it will continue to evolve.

Things continue to expand daily and one day this article too will be outdated. But until then I feel excited to share what I have learned so far from the bigger perspective. Once again keep in mind while reading these words that we all have our own inner truth and I always encourage people to trust what is true for them.

Allow your own inner compass to guide you. If it resonates amazing and I am so pleased that I could have been of service, if it doesn’t great too, trust your own instincts.

So with saying all that let’s begin!

As Earth is going through this process of evolution from 3D into 5D this affects the relationships that we have and why so many people are connecting with Twins at this time.

3D paradigm relationships are based on a more physical perspective, we seek a partner based on things like compatibility on likes, dislikes, physical attraction, occupation, and social status, it’s a very logical process of “well he makes a decent living and can provide a good life.” or “we have so much in common” or “it just works and we are comfortable.”

The standard archetype as we have known boy meets girl falls in love, we work hard in our 9-5 job, we build a life, have 2.5 kids and live in a house with a white picket fence. Obviously, this is just the stereotype but I think you get my point.

5D Society is very different everything works more in harmony from an energetic perspective. Therefore relationships are compatible based on an energy or frequency match and a heart level connection. It’s the total opposite of anything logical, it’s energetic, it’s magnetic and when in balance and harmonized it’s nothing short of magical.

So what we are witnessing now on a global level as part of this planetary shift is that people who were very happy in the most compatible 3D relationship are feeling their soul’s calling for something greater, the relationships that were built from a 3D construct are seemingly falling apart, intimacy is non-existent, the connection that once was strong is no longer there, and through this process feeling a sense of detachment, as though two people are occupying a house like roommates or almost complete strangers.

Then one or both parties start to question, seek and truly ask themselves “Is this what life is meant to be?” (one common scenario of million possibilities.)

Now keep in mind there is also the scenario that two people can move through this transition together and transform their relationship from 3D to 5D connection, as I have seen this too, yet it does require time apart in some cases and lots of solo time in inner contemplation and soul seeking. ~ I think that’s a whole other topic and article.

I am just going to focus on the ending of the 3D relationship and finding the 5D connection for now.

What happens is the process of moving out of one relationship and calling in a compatible match 5D relationship a Twin Soul connection. This encounter is very much a fated connection as it’s already assigned before birth. This connection is intense, irrational, emotional and has nothing logical about it. And all by the grand design.

In more cases than not, from what I have seen these connections are compatible from an energy perspective in the same way it was on other ancient civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis which were a civilization on a higher dimensional existence. And for people who identify as starseeds aka connection to living on and having incarnations on other planets. This too is part of that 5D society and energy connection.

So let’s have a look at how civilizations work and function from a 5D perspective. Everything is about energy, frequency, balance, harmony, and working together with the community in ways that serve everyone. Relationships are formed from energy compatibility where they can use that combined energy to be in service and work from a soul perspective to enhance their communities and the civilization as a whole.

Keep this in mind because this is a very important aspect when it comes to the Twin Soul connection. It’s purposeful from a Soul and Energy perspective to work together in harmony on a shared soul mission that could only be possible by working in unison. Also, other pairs will join together and the amplification of multiple twin pairs creates an even more powerful energy to use that co-creative consciousness to create a large soul mission.

So what we are in the process of right now on planet Earth is we individually and collectively are moving from the 3D paradigm of relationships into 5D civilisation and this had been possible by a massive number of these twin pairs, Starseeds & lightworkers who have chosen to incarnate into Earth during this time and play their role in this planetary shift, first in consciousness and then follows the energy match to create a dimensional shift. This is very much part of an inevitable evolutionary cycle that occurs every 26,000 years give or take a few.

However, we are very privileged and at the same time very important part of the process.

As more and more energy comes into the planet and the earth is swiftly vibration higher and higher this is affecting these twin connections through their own individual ascension process so that they can match earth’s frequency and also act as conductors of energy to anchor and spread these higher frequencies of light across the globe.

As this process amplifies to its tipping point it creates a grid or web of light which interacts with Earth’s electromagnetic field.

So imagine if you will the idea of the intense love you have which can generate sometimes spontaneously from your heart Centre as you think about your twin soul (if you have made that connection) or if not the great love you have thinking about something you love deeply and how that energy completely encompasses your heart, mind and energy body….

It’s so powerful and can impact people for thousands of miles. That feeling creates a pulse-like energy and impacts the collective consciousness.

So think about over the past years many people going through the twin soul dance of separation and back together, in love, in hate, the ups and downs the highs and lows…. All at the same time what is that doing to the collective energy field? It’s going through its own purging and higher energy balancing each time raising the frequency on this planet through each part of the process... Higher and Higher we Go…

It’s like an expanding and contracting ongoing cycle until it pushes through the higher octave and balances out. Similar to a woman giving birth our Earth is birthing herself and a whole new reality in the process.

So now imagine if every twin pair on the planet spontaneously went into that crazy love bubble experience at the same time around the planet, Imagine what that could do to impact the energy field around the earth! That impact would be paramount to this process and the potential to activate the entire collective field to a higher state of unconditional love for each other and raise the whole frequency of the earth in an instant. Talk about the “Event!” That would be the biggest event this galaxy has ever seen!

As it’s pretty clear we are moving swiftly towards this incredible tipping point, this perspective is of course just one aspect of how twin pairs are contributing towards this planetary shift. It has been my insight for many years that twin pairs haven’t able to come into a physical union or if they are already in a physical union complete energy harmonization yet because the energy on Earth isn’t fully ready to hold space for these powerhouse couples to stand in full harmonized energy embodiment.

Everything we have been working towards in preparation was the training wheels so that we could go through our own awakening and empowerment journey, learning more about who we are on a soul level and what we are here to do. So that we could build up to this point and go through this transition of 3D energy embodiment to 5D energy embodiment and at the most perfect moment of that galactic pulse of energy it will activate all to the levels which were unattainable before.

As this energy on the planet rises whether it’s an instant tipping point or a more incremental step-by-step, one thing for sure is that these very high energies which have been hitting the planet since March are only increasing and it’s only a matter of time where this planet will be the perfect energy environment for 5D Harmonised relationships and more excitingly the high-frequency children who are coming through to create a whole New Earth & Civilisation.

Written by Alisha Braché

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