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Welcome to a New Year, a New Decade, a New Era 2020!

Each year holds within it the frequency of the number pertaining to each year, an Energy Vibration which holds certain themes for the globe and individually.

Before we can look at where we are heading, we need to look at where we have been:

2015 – 2+0+1+5 = 8 – Number 8 Year

Was the year of many very abrupt awakenings for what some might call the ‘first wavers in the Ascension/Twin Flame community. The 3D lives came to a massive abrupt end as the divine stepped into to usher in the changes that were about to unfold. This brought this massive awareness – a big cycle of people ending long-term relationships and careers with a deep knowledge that a bigger galactic calling was coming through.

2016 – 2+0+1+6 = 9 – Number 9 Year

Was the year of tying up all loose ends and preparing for something better. This year was one which was long, hard and treacherous. Filled with ‘Dark Night of the Souls” for many as so many old beliefs we shattered and so much emotion was being released through the soul’s huge amount of emotions for themselves and for the planet.

2017 – 2+0+1+7 = 1 – Number 1 Year

Was an opportunity to try and make sense of what’s happening, realizing that you’re not crazy! It was time to recover from the intensity of the abrupt endings, and the opportunity to go within and look at what was learnt over the past 9-year cycle. To start to rebuild on what’s most important & how you can rebuild in service to others & the planet. New waves of awakening & new wave of twins coming into contact and awareness.

2018 – 2+0+1+5 = 2 – Number 2 Year

Was the year of starting to work towards common goals finding a soul tribe and coming together. It was a year of focus on inner balance, finding the dance of masculine and feminine aspects within. It started to awaken curiosity within those around us, to want to know, understand and explore more.

It was a year of connection and finding soul family all across the world connecting with like-minded people and starting the process of coming together for the greater good.

2019 – 2+0+1+5 = 3 – Number 3 Year

As the number suggests it was a very people-focused community year. It was about understanding at a deeper level of soul purpose, big massive changes took place within the Twin Flame collective in anchoring in the new relationship template on the planet.  These efforts starting to present in much bigger deeper tangible ways. As this flow-on effect continues into 2020. It was a year of so much inner growth and exploration of “who I am at a soul level.” It was also a soul mission calling for many of the next wavers who couldn’t quite the calling for change and to invoke their soul’s purpose at a deeper level.

2+0+2+0 = 22 – Number 22 is another Master Number that often does not get broken down into its singular form, however, my sense is that this year holds two very important energy points one from the Master Number 22 and also that which it gets broken down into 2+2 = 4. Number four is all about building solid foundations and working hard, clear, sharp focus & having a deeper depth understanding of your placement in the bigger picture & your purpose within that bigger picture.

From a partnership perspective when I look at the number of 2020 I see so much more than just a universal 22 master number breaking down into a universal 4-year.

I see two halves becoming whole within themselves and coming together to find balance, grounding and a place to build a new solid foundation together.

Whether that be in romantic relationships, business, collaborations, families or Humanity as one family.

To me, I see it as a rebuilding year from the ground up. So much has been gained, learned and acknowledged for the inner clearing, healing & balancing. We start to see the physical world reflect that back to us, and have some magnificent opportunities to be a part of something beautiful as we rebuild a New Earth together in whole new frequency 💖

22 Master Number represents:  It’s known as the master builder number one who has the ability to take an idea, a concept, a plan and bring it into the world. It’s a very solid and focused number go out there and get what you want, and create it from the ground up.

It’s also the Master teacher number of those who are born to teach at a more practical level to implement structure and societal change in the world. I also see the 22 as the Humanitarian number it’s the number that often denotes big change on a global scale the ability to build new positive structures from the ground up built on love, compassion, harmony and balance.

I also see this year 2020 as a year of balance and equilibrium – for partnerships or friendships that may have been one-sided in the past; this brings those true connections that are built upon a soul level into much more equilibrium than ever before.

The key themes for many this year will be around Mastering Self, Purpose and Destiny ~ it offers a magic-type feel for those who dare to explore the deeper levels of expanded consciousness and follow their calling. Being guided from the soul and heart, which often is a path less travelled until NOW.

For the Master Number 22, it brings forward the energies of being your own Self Master and Guru, following the path that is best for you, working with your own unique gifts and talents and bringing them to the forefront as an asset for others, this can be down through Healing, Supporting, Teaching, Creative endeavours ~ WHAT COMES NATURALLY to you which from a soul perspective is something which has been mastered through many lifetimes.

This year has huge support for that, you may have found that the years leading up to now have been showing you the way, yet the timing wasn’t in alignment. As we embrace the new energy which comes through for this year we have great universal support to see our dreams come into reality. By showing up, living in authentic ways and embodying the path you have chosen to embrace.

This will be a Game Changer year for people who are Twin Flames or working towards their own Divine Partnership. The universal energy really supports these high-vibration connections especially this year to come together find their balance and work together harmoniously. And path the way for other initiates who are embarking on their journey. As many more will follow over the coming years.

All Relationships will be in focus not just the Divine Partnerships, yet many more soul connections will come through and be made, as the number 22 vibration is all about coming together and working towards a common goal. Unity consciousness for one is the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

However, that takes shape in many forms: Projects, Collaborations, Conscious Business, and Changing structures to bring forward new prosperous ways the support society – through Education, Financial, Community, and Governing Structures and bringing back the ancient ways where hierarchy had NO place, where everyone is on an equal playing field and everyone focuses on the benefit of the ALL.

Reach out and connect with those who share the same ideas and work towards something which has humanity’s best interests at heart and be amazed by the magic and synchronicity which fills and supports these endeavours as we path the way to reconstruct this NEW WORLD!

2020 feels to me to be the tipping point of this paradigm shift and all the hard work we have been doing over many years leading to this point will bring forward the so many magnificent fruits of our labor.

Might feel massive however one day, step and moment at a time, things come together and start falling into place!

Individually we also have our own personal Numerology Number which gives us a personal insight into what will be key themes over the coming year. Our lives go through many cycles and in Numerology 9 year cycles hold key elements for each year.

So firstly if you are not familiar with how to work out your Numerology year, let’s have a look at that. It’s simple you just add up your date and month you were born and then the current year.

An example: 10 March birthday would look like this 1+0+3+2+0+2+0 = 26 then we break it down to a singular digit. 2+6 = 8 ~ So this means 2020 is a Number 8 Year!

Below I will go through a brief overview of key themes for each year: So as you start to create your intentions for this NEW YEAR ~ It’s always a good idea to keep in mind the energy of the year you leading into so that you can understand the natural cycles and themes which will have a main focus to work harmoniously with them to get the best out of your 2020 year!

ONE YEAR – Leadership, Independence, learning new skills, setting up new foundations for the next 9-year cycle, working independently, building strength & courage, taking a leap of faith. Things which could be a theme – Study, Acquiring new knowledge, growing ideas, change in life path or direction for the better. Starting new businesses or projects and laying down strong foundations.

TWO YEAR – Relationships, Harmony, Balance, Unison, working together, forming new romantic relationships (or strengthening existing ones) new friendships, work partnerships. Finding the perfect balance between work and home life.

Things which could be a theme – Commitment, Engagement or Marriage, new friendship circles, being involved in community-based projects, having lots of strength and support from others in whatever you work towards. Finding new lifestyle routines that support health and happiness.

THREE YEAR – Communication, Cooperation, Socialisation, Creative expression, writing, public speaking, enjoying social aspects, having more time with friends and loved ones to enjoy your connections,

Things which might be a theme: Writing a book, bringing people together, lots of social events, community-focused ideas, looking at ways to use your creative talents for a soulful career & creating workshops, seminars and public speaking to teach others.

FOUR YEAR – Practicality, diligence, hard work, focus, patience, attention to detail, slower paced, steadier movement, research, concepts, ideas, inner healing, reflection and spiritual wisdom.

Things which might be a theme: Doing research on certain topics of interest, practical work and background work to set up for the years to come, learning new insights of self and personal growth is a massive key point to show you how strong you are. Can be quite an introverted year where the focus will be on healing, self-reflection and understanding your place in the universe.

FIVE YEAR – Travel, exploration & adventure. Fast movement, rapid change, unpredictability, creativity, art through creative expression, consolidation bringing ideas into form, unexpected opportunities.

Things which might be a theme: Bringing some ideas together to embark on a creative process, consolidation of projects into one, travelling and exploration of new places, unexpected events to act as a catalyst to move you forward into a rewarding pathway or direction. Furthering your career.

SIX YEAR – Family, harmony, joy, fulfilment, peace, balance, happy home life, children, many aspects coming together, open-hearted, playfulness, enjoyment of rewards,

Things which might be a theme: Having a harmonious family life, moving house and building a family home, welcoming children into the family, starting a family, and peaceful relationships.

SEVEN YEAR – Soul searching, truth seeking, inner wisdom, introspective, inner peace, understanding life’s mysteries, tapping into soul purpose and calling.

Things which might be a theme: Going within and spending time alone, reading and studying, delving into esoteric and spiritual wisdom and knowledge to gain deeper understandings. Learning more about yourself and who you really are.

EIGHT YEAR – Abundance, prosperity, rewards, acknowledgement, recognition, paying it forwards, ability to be of service to others, success in personal development which reflects in having the abundance around you.Things which might be a theme: Financially prosperous, success in work or business, being in a position to assist others through own gain and success. Being recognized for your work and talents & having an influential capacity to raise awareness and positive impact on others.

NINE YEAR – Completion, endings and new beginnings, humanitarian outlook, being at the top of your game, reaching the height of your journey, looking towards new challenges and pathways. Things which might be a theme: Being the leader in your field of expertise, leaving a positive impact in the world, tying up loose ends, bringing things that no longer serve you to a close. Feeling the pull towards new endeavours, feeling the optimism of starting a new journey.

In whatever you are looking forward to this year, may you have all the support and guidance of the universe as 2020 will be a ‘Game changer” on many levels.

Keep your light shining brightly for all to see as we create a new and beautiful world together!

Written by Alisha Braché

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